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Turning a Free Chair into a $2,000 Table

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In a world where sustainability and recycling are increasingly important, one man has taken the concept of “trash to treasure” to the next level. YouTuber and woodworker, Evan, has transformed an old, dilapidated chair into a stunning coffee table that sold for $2,000. Evan’s creativity, skill, and commitment to his work are all shown in an interesting video that shows the whole process.

The video begins with Evan receiving a message from his friend Andrew, who runs a power washing business. Andrew has an old Shay’s Lounge that is falling apart and covered in dirt and grime. He offers it to Evan, who is known for his “Trash to Treasure” series on YouTube. Evan accepts the challenge and decides to transform the dilapidated chair into a coffee table.

Turning a Free Chair into a $2,000 Table 1

The Transformation Process

The First Steps

The first step in the transformation process is to clean the chair using sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. This powerful substance breaks down the organic buildup and gray fibers on the chair, making it easier to work with. Evan then takes the chair apart, salvaging the teak slats that will be used to create the tabletop.

Creating the Tabletop

Turning a Free Chair into a $2,000 Table 2

The next step is to cut the teak slats into triangles, which will be arranged in a hexagonal shape to form the tabletop. Evan uses a 3D printed jig to evenly space the triangles across the backer board. He then uses super glue and wood glue to attach the triangles to the board, creating a stunning pattern. After several coats of epoxy and careful sanding, the tabletop is complete.

Crafting the Base

Evan then turns his attention to the base of the table, which is made from hard maple. He planes the rough-cut wood using a router sled, then cuts and shapes the pieces to create the legs. After several rounds of sanding and finishing, the base of the table is complete.

Turning a Free Chair into a $2,000 Table 3

The Finishing Touches

The final step is to attach the tabletop to the base using threaded inserts. Evan applies a single coat of Rubio Monaco, a clear oil-based finish, to the table, giving it a beautiful, natural look. The finished product is a stunning coffee table that showcases Evan’s creativity and skill.

Turning a Free Chair into a $2,000 Table 4


But the real magic of this project is in the process. Evan’s dedication and attention to detail are evident in every step of the transformation. He carefully plans each cut and shape, taking the time to ensure that every piece fits together perfectly. He sands and finishes each piece with care, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. And he documents every step of the process in a captivating video that draws viewers in and leaves them inspired.

In a world where so much is disposable and easily replaceable, Evan’s work is a reminder of the power of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability. He takes something that was once considered trash and turns it into something beautiful and valuable. And in doing so, he inspires others to look at the world around them with fresh eyes and to see the potential in things that others might overlook.

Evan’s transformation of an old chair into a $2,000 coffee table is a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of sustainability. It is a reminder that with a little bit of vision and a lot of hard work, we can transform trash into treasure and make the world a more beautiful place in the process.

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