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Turning Free Scraps into a $325 Cutting Board

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Do you ever wonder how much potential there is in discarded scraps? In this video, a furniture builder in Toronto shows us how he turned free scraps into a stunning cutting board worth $325. The builder received three buckets of walnut scraps, which he used to create a coffee table, but he was left with a few dozen pieces. After cleaning up, he remembered comments from his coffee table video about the underside of the table and decided to make an end-grain cutting board. The builder took on this challenge, and within five and a half hours, he created a masterpiece that was sold to a buyer in Singapore.

Turning Free Scraps into a $325 Cutting Board (1)

Trimming and Glue Ups

The first step in creating the cutting board was to trim all the pieces into a square. The builder used a table saw to trim the pieces to 11.5 inches. He then added more width to the cutting board by taking off one end so that it was 20 inches long and 13 inches wide. He then made glue-ups that were five pieces long using hot glue. When the glue-ups were complete, they had to be flattened with a jointing jig because the edges did not form a flat face. The builder used a table saw to clean up the edges, and then he used a router sled to flatten the cutting board.

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Sanding, Finishing, and Selling

After the cutting board was flattened, the builder added a quarter-inch round over to all the edges to give it a level of refinement. He then branded the back of the board and wetted the wood to raise the grain, which was later sanded with 220 grit. Finally, he applied a two-to-one mineral oil beeswax blend before adding non-skid feet. The cutting board was then put up for sale on Instagram and YouTube. Although it took a little time, the cutting board eventually sold. The power of social media to connect with people from all over the world and do business with them is amazing.

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In conclusion, this video shows us the potential in free scraps and what can be created with them. The builder turned scraps into a masterpiece that was sold for $325. The cutting board was made in just five and a half hours and was sold to a buyer in Singapore. This video is not only informative but also inspiring. It shows us that with hard work, creativity, and dedication, we can create something beautiful out of discarded scraps.

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